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Professional integration

PhD students’ professional integration consists in accompanying young researchers in their further career thanks to a dedicated service acting as an interface for the numerous stakeholders and actors of training through research.

Developing doctoral training courses and valorising the doctoral degree on an international scale are two key elements of the professional integration policy. The UBFC Doctoral College therefore supports unifying events and devices dedicated to this objective. For example, it organises the “My thesis in 180 seconds” competition, coordinates the PEPITE device, etc.




Opening of the call for projects ICE 2019

In order to promote the emergence of high value-added companies/organisations in the region, the Region wishes to be able to identify and professionalise researchers who are willing to participate in this type of project. This approach requires the financing of a course integrating a dual skill of research and entrepreneurship/management. The objective of the region’s intervention is:

– To finance a course integrating a double training course in research and entrepreneurship/management. It is a question of supporting a double scientific and entrepreneurial training in order to create a company/organisation on the basis of high-tech, social, organisational, commercial or business model innovations;
– Encourage researchers to promote research or create new businesses in connection with or at the end of their research work;
– Identify and develop research projects likely to be part of an entrepreneurial path with high technological valu.

Below the necessary information for your application and the documents to be attached :

AAP ICE 2019
fiche ICE projet post-doc
fiche ICE projet thèse



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