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Your ADUM personal space


This entry contains information about the ADUM app and how to use it.


ADUM is the app used by UBFC to administrate the course of studies of PhD students and build up a UBFC doctors’ directory. Each PhD student follows the different procedures related to his/her PhD thesis from his/her personal space, e.g. enrolling, preparing defence, accessing doctoral training courses.

ADUM is also a network and a tool aimed at professional integration. It enables PhD students to access job offers and update their profile with a view to professional integration.

When you start your first year of PhD thesis, go to and follow the instructions to create your personal space, which will be valid throughout your doctoral studies and even beyond.

Tutorials are at your disposal to help you with procedures on ADUM:

  • Enrollment tutorial (English) (available soon)
  • Re-enrollment tutorial (English) (available soon)
  • Doctoral defence tutorial (English) (available soon)

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