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PhD students’ first day

The PhD students’ first day (journée de Rentrée doctorale, JRD) is a day fully dedicated to information and conferences for UBFC PhD students. The presence of 1st year PhD students is mandatory.

In the morning all UBFC PhD students are gathered together. In the afternoon each doctoral school invites its own PhD students to a specific meeting.

The 2018 JRD will take place on 19 November 2019 in Besançon.

2017-2018 PhD students’ first day (Ludovic Godard)

Video: 2017 PhD students’ first day conference “Ethique et intégrité scientifique” by Jean-Dominique POLACK

My thesis in 180 seconds

MT180 2018 regional finalists (François Jouffroy)

Initiated for the first time in French language by the Association francophone pour le savoir (Acfas) in Quebec in 2012, the “My thesis in 180 seconds” competition was launched in France by the CNRS and the CPU in 2014.
The competition consists in PhD students presenting their thesis subject in three minutes only, while making it attractive and understandable by all. Each PhD student must give a clear, concise, and nonetheless convincing talk about his/her research project, with the support of only one slide! It is a unique opportunity for them to popularise the contents and stakes of their works with the general public, and acquire communication skills well beyond a mere stylistic exercise. PhD students benefit from training courses to meet that challenge, to help them popularise their research and quickly capture attention from an audience.
First 10 PhD students are selected based on videos made by the candidates. The 10 selected PhD students take part to the regional final. The winners of the Audience Award and Jury Award then represent UBFC at the national final, maybe even the international final…!

The 2019 regional final will take place in Montbéliard in spring 2019.

Teaser MT 180. Kameleonprod, 2019.

Pictures regional finals “MT 180” 2018 F. Jouffroy

Graduation ceremony

2018 graduation ceremony

A graduation ceremony is organised every year to celebrate the new UBFC doctors.

This year the graduation ceremony took place in Besançon on 21 December 2018.

Pictures Graduation Remontrer 2018