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Representatives and elections

PhD students elect representatives within the doctoral school (DS) councils.

The current DS councils were elected in January 2017. They will be renewed in 2023 (or earlier if one of the representatives defends his/her thesis before the end of his/her mandate).

PhD students also have the opportunity to sit at the Doctoral College, at the Administrative Board, and at the UBFC Academic Council.

The current representatives of PhD students at the Doctoral College are :

  • Hervé Bègue (ED ES)
  • Adrien Fusaro (ED CP)
  • Alexandre Matic (ED SPIM)
  • Hélène Truchot (ED DGEP)
  • Clément-Marie Tholozan (ED DGEP)
  • François-Claude Rey (ED LECLA)
  • Aymeric Bouchereau (ED LECLA)
  • Inès Laville (ED SEPT)
  • Inès Albandea (ED SEPT)