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Enrollment and validation procedures

As soon as your doctoral registration is completed, you will be able to enroll in training courses via your ADUM account, evaluate them, and generate a recap of your participation to training courses.

In order to enroll, select the training course you are interested in the catalogue, and then click on “Enrollment in the course” at the bottom of the page. You will be redirected to the ADUM portal. You will have to enter your ID and password, indicate your motivations, and save the document.

Should you need information, you can contact:

If you look for information about cross-cutting training courses:

Sites of Besançon and Belfort
> Ms. Emilie FAIVRE –

Site of Dijon
> Mr. Morgan POGGIOLI –


If you look for information specific to your doctoral school:

Carnot-Pasteur DS
> Ms. Emeline ILTIS –

> Site of Besançon: Mr. Ludovic JEANNIN – or Ms Marlène DUTAL –
> Site of Dijon: Mr. Morgan POGGIOLI –

Environments and Health (Environnements-Santé) DS
Ms. Corinne AQUILINA –  

> Sites of Besançon and Dijon: Ms. Emilie FAIVRE –
> Site of North Franche-Comté: Ms. Caroline DELAMARCHE –