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Legal filing and dissemination of the thesis

Regulatory obligations

Defence institutions have an obligation to disseminate theses via their intranet.

If your thesis is under a confidentiality clause, the obligation will be applied once the confidentiality clause has reached its legal end.

Your thesis will also be mentioned in various catalogues or portals; institutions habilitated to issue the doctoral diploma are legally obliged to mention defended theses.

The files you will submit will be transmitted to the Centre Informatique National de l’Enseignement Supérieur (CINES), which archives doctoral theses in a perennial way. Safekeeping of theses is mandatory, even if they are under a confidentiality clause.

Dissemination on the internet

In addition to regulatory obligations, you may opt for the free dissemination of your thesis on the internet.

You will choose to do so or not when you fill in the “Filing of a defended thesis” form.

The route followed by your thesis

ADUM: final electronic filing of your thesis

STEP: An app that advertises theses in preparation

STAR: An app that references and archives theses.

Once your thesis has been referenced and archived in STAR, it will be mentioned in:

Artur-BFC (online database of university works): depending on the mode of dissemination you have chosen, your thesis will be visible on the intranet and/or on the internet

Système Universitaire de Documentation: A collective catalogue of higher-education libraries a thesis search engine that makes your thesis visible nationally and internationally

TEL: online theses


What you will have to do after defence

You will have to file in your thesis manuscript for archiving and dissemination within a maximum of three months after defence.

You will file in the final electronic version in your ADUM personal space, and hand in a hard copy of it, along with the “Filing in of a defended thesis” form (attached to an email automatically sent to you after defence) at your doctoral school. The form will contain information about your thesis (metadata, abstracts, keywords), bibliographical information, and a certificate of electronic compliance. A certificate of corrections will also be attached because the jury may require corrections after defence. These corrections will have to be made by yourself, and certified by your thesis supervisor.

It is this deposit that initiates the procedure for printing the diploma. Without this, the administrative office does not receive any information allowing it to print the diploma.