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Withdrawal of the certificate of achievement and diploma

Two documents are handed to you after defence: a certificate of achievement and your diploma.

The certificate of achievement

Your thesis supervisor must hand in the defence transcript within 15 days of defence. Then only will it be possible to issue your certificate of achievement and hand it to you.

PLEASE MAKE GOOD NOTE that no duplicate will be issued.


The diploma

The diploma will be handed to you on condition that:

  • your thesis supervisor hands in the defence transcript (as quickly as possible following defence)
  • you file an electronic copy of your thesis manuscript on ADUM, and hand in a hard copy of it at your DS, and hand in the “Filing of a defended thesis form” at your DS.

Once your diploma has been issued and signed by the Rectorate, you will be contacted for you to go and withdraw it.

The issuance of the diploma follows the procedure described here.