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Thesis defence

Authorisation to defend a thesis is granted by the president of UBFC, upon notice of the doctoral school director and proposal by the thesis supervisor.

The procedure has to be launched on ADUM at least two months before the provisional defence date, and includes several steps:
– designation of reporters
– proposal of a jury
– electronic filing of the thesis manuscript before defence
– requesting for being authorised to defend
– defence
– electronic filing of the thesis manuscript, after corrections if necessary, after defence
– withdrawal of the doctoral diploma

You must prepare your defence with your thesis supervisor, and then enter the details in your ADUM profile.

The full procedure can be viewed here (English).
The request form for being authorised to defend is available in your ADUM personal space.

We invite you to read the tutorial below to guide you with the preparation of your defence in ADUM:

Defence tutorial (French / English – available soon)