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The UBFC doctoral degree


The doctoral degree is the highest academic degree. It represents a professional experience that allows students to acquire high-level scientific skills as well as generic skills to be valorised in senior positions in all socio-economic sectors. It consists in conducting an original and novel research project on the one hand, and in carrying out an individual in-house training scheme that supports the research project and the PhD student’s professional project on the other hand.

Doctoral training takes place in a doctoral school (DS) certified by UBFC for the 2017-2023 contract. Each of the DSs certified within the framework of the 2017-2023 contract commits to implement the action plans defined in the decree of 25 May 2016, especially i) the continuing education schemes that prepare future doctors to the furthering of their career, and ii) actions that favour research structuring and transdisciplinarity on the site of each institution. Each DS will pay special attention to recruiting the best PhD students, to thesis funding (salary and functioning), to its smooth proceeding, to the valorisation of results, and to a fair support to the labelled research units. The rules and regulations of each DS are public.

Stakes of the doctoral policy

Doctoral training is at the core of UBFC priorities. UBFC commits to develop an ambitious doctoral policy, respectful of individuals, and looking to the future and to professional success. Doctoral training is a key stake of UBFC development, visibility, and reach, but also a fundamental stake of training in and through research of highly qualified professionals who will help our deeply changing society and socio-economic world tackle current challenges.